Patek Philippe Replica Watches 5960 / 1A Chronograph Annual Calendar Steel Watch with Black Hands-On Dial replica watches uk

In 2014, Patek Philippe announced that the 5960 annual calendar chronograph would be available again in steel, in a move that makes sense for a brand that wants to attract younger customers to an already selective shopper market. Not particularly for price problems, but precious metals make it virtually impossible for a watch to feel "sporty" in any way, not to mention a watch as complicated as the 5960. In 2017, they released this, the Patek Philippe 5960 / 1A Annual Calendar chronograph watch with black dial. The result is the natural replica watches uk progression of what the brand intended with their desire to conquer a younger market, and in my opinion it is an aesthetic and refined improvement.

The original 5960, released in 2006, was the first in-house chronograph produced by Patek, so it's not surprising that the brand would like to make sure they get these steel iterations precisely in the sense that it satisfies collectors, enthusiasts and of course the fans aspirational clock. The opal / silver dial with black and red touches was a hit, but I don't think I'm just preferring the new black dial. Sporty, modern and with an undoubtedly impressive movement, Patek has successfully created a piece worthy of lust for those of us who respect tradition without being weighed down by the weight fake Omega of dusty and unchanging style.

The 40.5mm wide and 13.5mm thick polished stainless steel case houses the dark ebony opal black dial which is fortunately legible and attractive. The applied hours in white gold, the red seconds and the chronograph hands and the white aspects of the monoconteter at 6 o'clock keep the dial above expectations considering what is going on with the Patek Philippe 5960 / 1A.

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